“Dr. Hall's office was well run, I didn't have to wait past my appointment time, he listened to my symptoms and asked all the important questions but I was in and out in no time.”


Same day appointments

Our staff works diligently and efficiently to provide you with convenient same-day appointment times. 415-362-7177 Call Us Today.

Detailed medical oversight includes direct to specialist referrals and scheduling with medical specialists that have the time and personal relationship with Downtown Medical Group's physicians. Our practice can facilitate timely appointments, explain treatment options, and truly optimize care which might otherwise be complex and confusing.

Comprehensive physical exams

Our physicians encourage regular and comprehensive physical examinations. Health care decisions need not be avoided because insurance implies it does not reimburse for "routine annual check-ups." Many annual physical check-ups are in fact not routine if the physician is examining you for a medical complaint or you have a history of any one of a large category of problems such as hypertension, arthritis, diabetes, fatigue, stress, past surgery, etc. Moreover, if you have ever been a smoker, your insurance will usually reimburse you, as it is in the best interest of all parties, particularly the patient to understand the potential ramifications of this health issue.

Primary care

Good health requires preventative medicine, careful follow-up for identified health issues and periodic physical examinations. Our clinical team believes that effective patient physician collaboration is the most important aspect of great patient health. We are committed to working with you to maximize your well being.

Travel medicine services

Many members of our community are world travelers for business or pleasure. Most are not fully aware of the potential pitfalls of injury or illness overseas. Our expertise in the area of Travel Medicine will minimize those risks for you.

Our Travel Health program is a one-stop travel medical philosophy specializing in all aspects of travel medicine both private and corporate; including immunization shots, medicines, and up-to-date CDC recommended immunizations and education for all countries. We have an on-site, complete travel medicine pharmacy.

Special travel health needs also include: Full private/corporate consultation and educational materials, including travel health videos.

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