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Annual Wellness Exams

Downtown Medical Group

Primary Care & Internal Medicine located in San Francisco, CA

Annual wellness exams are essential to maintaining your good health. The skilled and experienced team at Downtown Medical Group in San Francisco’s Union Square offers men, and women annual exams to help you maximize your health and catch any issues that could escalate in the future. Call the clinic or use this website to schedule your annual wellness visit.

Annual Wellness Exam Q & A

Why should I schedule an annual wellness visit?

An annual wellness visit helps you and the Downtown Medical Group team stay on top of your health care needs. You establish a relationship with the practice so the doctors can monitor any changes. 

While you may feel perfectly fine, many conditions – including hypertension and Type 2 diabetes – have no obvious symptoms. These conditions require management, however, to prevent long-term damage and complications.

The direct primary care model means you don’t have to hold off on going to the doctor until you’re sick. If the team sees you when you’re well, they get a better picture of your health and can offer recommendations that help prevent issues from arising.

How do annual wellness visits enhance my health care?

Appointments at Downtown Medical Group are unhurried, typically lasting about 30-60 minutes. This allows the team to thoroughly explore your concerns and anticipate your health care needs.

Your weight, blood pressure, and emotional health are evaluated at these annual wellness visits. You receive better overall care when your doctor has a picture of your medical history and doesn’t just see you on occasion for a sore throat or the flu.

What happens at an annual wellness visit?

At an annual visit, the physicians at Downtown Medical Group perform a comprehensive physical exam, order basic blood tests, and monitor any chronic conditions you may have, such as diabetes or heart disease. Your records are updated to reflect changes in your health history.

Women’s routine health exams may include a breast and pelvic exam while men receive a prostate exam and an overall discussion about sexual health.

If you need a specialized physical exam for work or school, the team can complete that, too. They update your immunizations, if necessary, to protect you from devastating diseases.

If you’re in need of preventive screening, such as a colonoscopy or mammogram, your physician can connect you with specialists in the community that perform these tests. They review the results to ensure you’re in optimal health.

When you’re due for a comprehensive annual wellness visit, call Downtown Medical Group or schedule your appointment online.