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COVID Testing and Travels

Requirements for travel during the COVID-19 pandemic are a dynamic situation. We complied a list of relevant information to assist you and to keep you safe.
Nov 18th, 2020

Who Should Get Vaccinated for HPV?

While most strains of HPV don’t pose a serious health risk, certain types of HPV can cause devastating cancers. Luckily, there are effective immunizations against HPV. Have you been vaccinated? Find out if you need the HPV vaccine.
Sep 16th, 2020

How You Can Benefit From Annual Wellness Exams

There are many reasons to get annual physical exams. From uncovering potential health issues to preventing common conditions, yearly exams can help you stay in control of your health. Read on to learn more.
Aug 26th, 2020

Immunizations and Boosters Every Adult Should Have

Most people know that babies and children need immunizations against diseases, but many people don’t realize that adults need boosters, too. Read on to learn which vaccinations adults should get and how often.
Mar 2nd, 2020

Should I Be Tested for STDs?

If you’ve had sexual intercourse ― even if it was once and even if you wore protection ― you may have put yourself at risk for contracting a sexually transmitted disease (STD). Read on to learn why you should get tested for STDs.
Feb 1st, 2020

What are the Benefits of Having an EKG?

Have you been experiencing tightness, pain, or fluttering in your chest? These are all potential signs of heart complications. An electrocardiogram (EKG), which is a fast and painless test, can let you and your doctor know if you have heart issues.
Jan 10th, 2020

How to Stay Healthy While Traveling Abroad

While nothing broadens your horizons quite like international travel, visiting other countries can expose you to a range of health risks you wouldn’t encounter at home. Here’s how you can stay healthy as you explore the world.
Dec 9th, 2019

Telehealth: The Advantages of Telemedicine

Struggles to get to the clinic? Trying to reduce your exposure to COVID-19, as well as other contagious illnesses, and still need to see your doctor? Telehealth is safe and easy — receive quality care from anywhere.
Feb 20th, 2024

PrEP and HIV

PrEP can reduce your chance of getting HIV from sex or injection drug use. When taken as prescribed, PrEP is highly effective for preventing HIV. Ask our physicians at Downtown Medical Group, serving San Francisco Bay Area since 1980's!
Jun 8th, 2023

Stay safe!

Covid-19 testing is another tool to keep us safe amid various variants.
Aug 29th, 2021