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Primary Care

Downtown Medical Group

Primary Care & Internal Medicine located in San Francisco, CA

You rely on your primary care physician for the majority of your health care, so it’s important to have a team you can trust looking after you. At Downtown Medical Group in Union Square in downtown San Francisco, your primary care includes periodic wellness exams, preventive medicine, and monitoring of chronic health issues along with as-needed appointments if new health problems appear. The Downtown Medical Group team believes in patient-physician collaboration, and they’re here to help you enjoy optimal health. Book your appointment online or by phone now.

Primary Care Q & A

Do I really need an annual physical if I'm not sick?

Yes, and in fact, the best time to schedule your annual physical is when you're feeling fine. To be as effective as possible in their role, your primary care physician needs to establish a healthy baseline for you. Knowing your normal state of health helps your physician identify changes early and respond to them quickly. 

Of course, Downtown Medical Group is also here for you when you’re sick, injured, or have any urgent care medical needs. An annual physical exam helps your primary care physician better understand exactly how illness and injury affect your body, which means they can treat you as effectively as possible.

What does an exam at Downtown Medical Group include?

Your annual physical exam typically is a comprehensive health evaluation, including:

  • Height, weight, and body mass index (BMI)
  • Eyes, ears, nose, and throat check
  • Reflexes check
  • Lung check
  • Heart check
  • Blood pressure screening
  • Complete blood counts
  • Cholesterol screening
  • Diabetic screening
  • Urinalysis
  • STD screening
  • Vaccinations

Your annual physical exam at Downtown Medical Group also monitors your chronic conditions such as but not limited to hypertension, asthma or diabetes at this time. 

You'll discuss not only your physical health but also your mental health during your annual physical exam. Don't be afraid to speak up if you're struggling with either physical or mental issues, because the Downtown Medical Group team always treats you with respect, care, and compassion.  

Can I see my primary care provider for well-woman or well-man exams?

Absolutely. The Downtown Medical Group team offers well-woman exams that include pelvic exams, clinical breast exams, Pap testing, birth control support, and more. Well-man exams include screenings for health problems particular to men, such as testicular and prostate cancer. 

If you need a specific test at another facility, such as a mammogram or a colonoscopy, your Downtown Medical Group physician can refer you to the appropriate specialist as soon as possible.  

As your primary care physicians, the Downtown Medical Group team wants to be the first one you reach out to when you need health advice, support, or treatment. Use the online scheduling tool around the clock, or call the office to arrange your appointment with the caring team of experts today.