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How You Can Benefit From Annual Wellness Exams

If you generally feel pretty healthy, there’s no need to see your doctor, right? 

Actually, that common misconception is a big problem regarding health and wellness in the United States. Subscribing to the idea that you never need to see a doctor unless you’re sick can allow health issues to sneak up on you. 

For example, high blood pressure — also called hypertension — is often called the “silent killer.” That’s because hypertension can be fatal, yet it shows no symptoms in the vast majority of people. If you don’t see your doctor regularly, you may never know you have high blood pressure. 

Catching medical conditions isn’t the only reason you should get an annual checkup, although it’s one of the most pressing reasons. In this blog, the doctors at Downtown Medical Group in San Francisco discuss five ways you can benefit from annual wellness exams

1. Become proactive with your health

Your annual wellness exam is a fantastic way to get educated and self-aware about your health. When you see your doctor every year, you’ll know where you stand and have a leg up if anything goes awry. Plus, seeing your doctor annually will make it easier to keep track of your health markers. If issues arise, you and your doctor will have a history of exams and lab work to look back on.

2. Understand and maintain your health baseline

Every patient should know basic health facts about themselves. You should have a firm idea of your average resting heart rate, blood pressure, body mass index, and other markers that can tell you if all is well or if something is off. Your annual wellness exam can provide this information so you can keep track of any trends.

3.  Prevent illnesses

One of the most important reasons to get annual wellness exams is to prevent illnesses from arising. Your provider will recommend screenings based on your age and gender. 

Your provider will check for risk factors related to cervical cancer, colon cancer, lung cancer, breast cancer, prostate cancer, bone density, fall risks, elevated cholesterol, high blood pressure, thyroid issues, cardiovascular disease, and other conditions. If any risks are identified, your provider will discuss the best strategies for prevention. 

4. Keep immunizations up-to-date

Not sure if you’re up-to-date on vaccinations? Your primary care physician can let you know at your annual exam. If you’re due for any immunizations (new ones or boosters), your annual wellness exam is a good time to get them. 

5. Establish a strong doctor-patient relationship

Wouldn’t it be nice to go to the doctor and not feel awkward or intimidated? When you get annual checkups, you can build a strong relationship with your doctor and feel more comfortable during routine procedures and consultations.

To learn more about annual exams or to start getting them, book an appointment online or over the phone with Downtown Medical Group today. You can also schedule a telehealth visit and talk with a doctor from the convenience of your home.

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